2005 In a Circle of Light

The idea to formally create the Foundation kids4kids World came from the success of the concert 2005 ‘In a Circle of Light’. 14 international children French, British,
Chinese, German, American aged 6-14 presented a concert of Broadway songs, classical hits and Christmas songs on a small stage in a charming castle in Höhenried on the lake Starnberg in Bavaria, Germany. All 120 tickets were sold out immediately.

The children played their instruments, sang, delivered an informative text and learned to express themselves easily before an audience. It was important to these children to know they were helping children who were sad and hurting only a few miles away. All donations went directly to Tabaluga located 5 kilometers from the castle. Tabaluga used the money for their music therapy program. The children were terrifically proud of their achievement, had fun and the public reacted with a standing ovation! Win/win for everyone!!

After the overwhelming success of the 2005 performance, the director of the castle generously offered the  stage for 2006. In December 2006 we happily presented 2 sold out kids4kids World Foundation performances.