2008 Theater Tonight

In March 2008 we held auditions and heard many talented young people. We cast 7 girls and 7 boys age 10-20 from 11 Bavarian schools for our 2008 Project.  In April we began rehearsing for  the new kids4kids World Foundation musical »Theater: Tonight!«.

When the curtain falls after the performance, when the public gathers their coats and go home, when all the actors have left their dressing rooms, when the technical crew have left  for the evening, when it becomes dark and quiet as a mouse in the theater, then comes the moment…the time of the Theater Spirits!  For hundreds of years they have lived in that building and night after night, when the theater is empty, they awaken: Hamlet, Puck, the Princess, the Prince, the Maid, the Countess,Richard the Third, Mephisto and many others. In the dark of the evening they fulfill their dreams: for once, the chance to play someone else!

They sing, dance, play and dream that they are on the great stages of Broadway or London. They leave their time worn roles aside and without a care, slip into new roles, performing them with passion. Only once in a while, the flashlight and sounds from the Night Porter as he does his nightly check, disturbs their reverie. When the dawn  breaks and the first stagehands arrive to work, they are fast asleep in the dusty, hidden corners of the stage: the theater spirits.

A cd with musical selections is available from this production > Cds + DVD

Mein neues Motto

Simple melody

Theater Tonight

Fallen Angel

I wont grow up

Nature Boy

Lot of Living to do, Live from Schauburg Theater Dezember 2008 “Theater tonight”

‘Theater: Tonight!’ had its world premier in the Schauburg -
the Munich City Theater for Youth  with great critical success.