Kids4Kids World depends on your donations! Your generous financial support allows this healing Circle of Light through music to be set in motion.
And there are only winners! Thank you!

kids4kids World Foundation
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Kto 375 117 0 117
BLZ 700 205 00

International Donations
Stiftung Kinderfonds
Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft
Postfach 860260
81629 Munich

IBAN DE45 7002 0500 0008 8720 00

Reason for payment: kids4kids World Foundation

kids4kids World Foundation is certified by the German government as a Corporate Body for the beneficial and charitable work with youth, culture and education.
Tax ID 143/235/40579
kids4kids was established as a tax free organization on July 4, 2006.

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