Goals of the Foundation

kids4kids World Foundation is a non-profit and charitable Foundation which was founded in July 2006 in Munich by Professor Jeralyn Talia Refeld.
Musical theater performances are given by youth. The proceeds and donations support both music therapy and abuse prevention programs for children and youth.

kids4kids participants not only blossom in their musical and theatrical talents, they learn teamwork, develop their social consciousness and experience the power within themselves to make positive changes in the world.

kids4kids alumni are currently studying at the following institutons: Salzburg Mozarteum, Bavarian Theater Academy, Folkwang Conservatory, Essen, Boston College, Joop van der Ende Musical Academy, Phillips Andover Academy, Conservatory of Music and Theater, Hamburg, Ernst Busch Acting School, Berlin, William Esper School of Acting, New York. Some of the participants have received honors in the Youth Cultural Price from the Hypovereinsbank, and have won National Prizes in Jugend Musiziert.

Music Therapy helps traumatized or ill children, also children with communication problems to better understand and express their feelings. Music Therapy harmonizes and clarifies their emotions which gives them a sense of strength and awakens internal resources. Often for wounded children, this is often the only way towards healing. Many of the children supported in the kids4kids projects are living healthy and productive lives and having success in school.

»In a world where the focus on materialism and outward appearances continues to grow, it is most important, especially for our youth, to have a stability which allows them independence in their lives. For me, singing and music is a step towards this independence. Those who have experienced the power and richness inherent in music are less likely to be dependent upon superficialities.« Susanne Klatten, Sponsor

Conceived and directed by internationally acclaimed opera singer Professor Jeralyn Talia Refeld, the work of the kids4kids World Foundation encompasses the following:

Musically talented youth rehearse and perform an original show. The proceeds from the ticket sales and donations go to fund music therapy for children. The outreach program brings kids4kids World Foundation performances to other areas. The current productions are available for booking.

Professor Refeld and her team also assist teaching professionals to produce performances themselves via workshops and hands-on help with the production aspects.