Supported Projects

Dunkelziffer e. V.
The charity »Dunkelziffer e.V.« is doing crisis intervention nationwide for abused children. It provides legal advice, preventative projects for both kindergarten and primary schools as well as education of children and youth regarding the risks associated with the internet. Through music therapy, professionals help children and youth heal from their traumatic experiences. Since 2008 kids4kids World Foundation has sponsored music therapy for four children under the care of Dunkelziffer e.V.

»With music therapy children are able to communicate without words, overcome their fears and insecurity and rebuild a trusting relationship to the world around them  We wholeheartedly thank kids4kids World Foundation for the wonderful support.«
Vera Falck, Director, Dunkelziffer e. V.

Tabaluga Children´s Foundation
Tabaluga Children´s Foundation maintains its own houses, in which  traumatized children and teenagers are supported by means of music therapy. Tabaluga creates a refuge to regain vitality and to develop new perspectives for life. kids4kids World Foundation has gifted these houses with musical instruments and pays for the music therapy of six children annually.

»The name kids4kids World Foundation is not an empty phrase but a real living social commitment. With their charity performances, kids4kids helps our Tabaluga children by giving us daily concrete help for this most important kind of therapy. This awesome and intense collaboration is unique.«
Cathrin Diez, office manager of Tabaluga Children´s Foundation

Ambulant Music therapy
Since March 2009 kids4kids World Foundation has developed its own ambulant music therapy program in collaboration with the Institute of Music Therapy at the Free Music Center Munich e.V. under the direction of Dr. Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre. In this program, kids4kids World Foundation pays for ambulant music therapy of indigent children and teenagers. Students of Munich secondary schools who have participated in the school project “Power of Drumming – Music for a better cooperation” (for integration and against violence) can receive financial support for an additional year of music therapy. This offered individually or in small groups. Thus, kids4kids World Foundation provides the possibility of music therapy even for underprivileged families. Music making, especially singing and drumming, helps to strengthen their creativity and their self-esteem, bringing sunshine into their lives.

»Through therapeutic Music Making the students experience a new way of contact and communication with one another. They learn how to listen, how to respond to each other, and they learn thoughtfulness and tolerance. With this newly found social competence and the ability to integrate, the children develop more self-confidence, creativity, motivation and, finally, joy!«
Dr. Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre, Vice President of International Society for Music in Medicine, ISMM and
 Head of Freies Musikzentrum Munich about the kids4kids funded project at Munich secondary schools.

Drumming Workshop with Andreas Wölfl
kids4kids Project, Munich Secondary Schools

»The Power of Drumming – a project for the prevention of violence« is an initiative which the kids4kids World Foundation supports since 2009. kids4kids finances the individually tailored therapy for students as additional violence prevention.

Here you see the kids4kids participants of the 2009 musical production “Theater Heut Nacht II« at a drumming workshop with therapist Andreas Wölfl. who developed the project. It is a great joy and much fun to experience first hand how the power of music inspires the performers and their families.